What is Real Escape Game?

You can be engrossed in a book, wrapped up in a show, or absorbed in a game. Some of you may even be writers, creators of your own stories. But regardless the medium, no matter how engaged you are, you still are not physically part of the story….. Until now.

REAL ESCAPE GAME™ from Japan is a unique and interactive live puzzle event where teams solve mysteries and clues within a time limit. The beauty of the game is that you are actually physically inside the story. You and your fellow players are heroes who must escape from a place filled with challenging puzzles and obstacles. The objective is to find and solve the mystery in order to escape within the time allotted. Players are encouraged to work in teams to crack the puzzles more efficiently, and a Game Master directs gameplay to add a touch of drama.

If you are a person who likes answering riddles, solving complex puzzles, or just generally clever and looking for a challenge, this event is for you.

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