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Great for corporate team building!

Looking for an exciting, intellectual,
and unique team-building activity?

Real Escape Games require teamwork and communication. The game is very challenging, so everyone must cooperate in order to succeed! Book a time for you and your coworkers or colleagues to challenge your strength as a team and escape our rooms!

Join companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple and many others that have been using our rooms and events to promote teamwork and develop new bonds within the company.

Room Style Game

5 – 11 players per room
Multi-room bookings available!

Please inquire about specific time slots using the form below.

San Francisco
Tuesday through Friday

12:00pm or 2:15pm

San Jose
Monday through Friday

10am to 4pm

Public game availabilities:

Weekday Afternoons & Weekends

For more details on public games, please visit our tickets page

10 Tries Before They Die!

Your favorite ’90s pop star lies dead in their apartment. Stuck behind a window across the street, you and your friends helplessly witness the scene. But before the shock sets in, time suddenly rewinds to mere minutes before their death!

  • Located at 1812 Polk Street, San Francisco
  • Up to 9 players

You have been sent to a prison that is said to be inescapable. A closer inspection reveals a suspicious guard and mysterious coded message. Escape within 60 minutes or face a fate worse than execution. Team up with the other inmates, get past the prison guard and find a way out of jail.

  • Located at 1812 Polk Street, San Francisco
  • Up to 11 players

You awake in an unfamiliar place, greeted by a mysterious message: “Welcome to the Puzzle Room. Are you clever enough to escape from my game?” The door is locked, and you find a bomb has been strapped to you.

  • Located at 1746 Post St. San Francisco
  • Up to 11 Players

In this enchanted dinner party, the entire table surface will magically come alive and become your play space via our custom projection mapping technology. The table will follow your motions and react in surprising ways as you use items to solve puzzles. Equip magic rings and a special wand to feel like a real magician for one captivating hour! (No actual food will be served)

  • Located at 1746 Post St. San Francisco
  • Up to 10 Players (2 Tables of 5 players each)

You are trapped in the mysterious laboratory, where it has been said, they study time travel. The door is closed. A lot of hidden clues await you. You wonder if they were able to make time traveling true…

  • Located at 701 N 1st, San Jose
  • Up to 11 Players MAX

In collaboration with Pacific Rim, experience the thrill of Hollywood!
Starts March 23rd.


  • Located at 1746 Post Street, San Francisco
  • Up to 10 players

Event Style Game

30 ~ 200+ Players

Please inquire about availabilities using the form below.

You, smart sophisticated detectives, are summoned to solve the mystery of a village where werewolves attack people night by night. As the villagers disappear one by one, you can feel the fangs of the werewolves getting closer and closer to you. Can you reveal all the mysteries in time and escape from the werewolf village?

Up to 60 players:

  • Located at 190 King St in San Francisco  & 701 North 1st St in San Jose
  • Up to 60 players in the same space. Teams of 6.

60 – 200+ Players:

  • Located in the Bay Area (Must provide venue)
  • Up to 200 players in the same space. Teams of 6.

Please fill out the form below to send your inquiry for a private slot.

Private Events FAQ
Check out our FAQ & Contact section to get answers about things to keep in mind, tips, and generally how to get in touch.

If your group has 11 people or fewer, please check the availability for public slots for the Real Escape Rooms. If you can find a good slot that works for your group, please purchase all 11 tickets before someone takes it!

Absolutely! We offer private slots during the daytime on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays with extra fees. Please note that we usually offer private games in the afternoon before public slots.

If you have more than 12 people, there are a few options:
  • (Till August 2016) As long as your group can be separated into several small groups. The two games can be run at the same time and each game can hold up to 12 people. If your entire team would prefer to play same game, you can reserve different time slots for the same game.
  • (After September 2016)  Split into smaller groups. Our Japantown and Polk Street location games can be played at the same time or if your entire team would prefer to play same game, you can reserve different time slots for the same game.
  • If you have more than 20 people, you can play one of our two event-style games: Escape from the Submarine or Escape from the Werewolf Village. Both games can be run at the SCRAP Hall of Heroes after September 2016. In addition, Escape from the Werewolf Village can also be run at a venue of your choice for groups greater than 30 people.

Private events require additional coordination since we are not normally open during these times.  There will be an additional fee to accommodate your requested time. If you prefer a more cost-effective option, please consider buying out one of the public time slots.

Unfortunately, those times are not available. Weekday evenings and weekends are reserved for public games. The room is closed on Mondays.

Sorry, but the games are carefully designed and location specific. Please come and play at our location. It’s worth it! If you have a group of 30 or more, please inquire about Escape from the Werewolf Village which can be run on location of your choice.

No food or drinks is allowed during the game. However, our room is located in Japantown San Francisco or Williamsburg in Brooklyn. so there are many restaurants, cafes, and bars nearby that you can visit after the game.

For more information for San Francisco location, please see the Japantown page.

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