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Escape from the Puzzle Room in San Francisco 301
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Real Escape Game
Escape from AT&T Park
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San Francisco faces its first ever monster attack. Save our ballpark!

It’s finally time for the first game of the baseball season! While waiting for the opening pitch, you feel a low rumble shake the stands, followed by an unnerving, roaring sound. A scientist inexplicably appears to warn you that a sea monster is closing in on the stadium. You have 60 minutes to discover the secret behind the monster’s attack and escape from AT&T Park before it’s destroyed beyond repair! VIDEO & MORE DETAILS BELOW


Saw our Muni poster and want to check the answer to the puzzle? Highlight here: SAVE


Ticket Pricing
Advance: $34
At the Door: $40
players Players 2,000 per session
event duration Event Duration 1.5 hours
*including the introduction and solution walkthrough
open dates Open Dates
January 23rd, 2016(Sat) 11am /3pm / 7pm (PDT)
*Doors will open 45 minutes before the above game times.
Venue Venue - AT&T Park
24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94107
This event has ended! Thank you for your participation!