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The most important thing while playing PuzzBox is to have fun – not get stuck forever!

Just in case you can’t quite figure out the right approach to a puzzle, we have prepared some hints for you! Use them to continue on your path to becoming a PuzzKnight. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell the PuzzKing!)

White Envelope

The b. puzzle is on the back of the maze. Pay attention to the ropes. Have you seen anything similar to those on another card?

There’s a line below where it says “mountain fold.” Check elsewhere in the game contents for exactly the same line(s).

The d. puzzle is a maze, but you can’t solve it without something else.

See that differently colored area right in the middle? Do you have anything exactly the same size close at hand? Search around for what you need.

First write out the name of each color. Now think about what the numbers might refer to.

To solve this puzzle, you need one of the other puzzle cards.

Is there another card that has bricks on it? Find the card with a brick illustration and line up the puzzle piece marks.

When you read the marked areas on the answer sheet, the word “within” appears.

Don’t forget about the pentagon next to it, though!

That’s right, the full message is “within pentagons.”

Okay, but what does “within pentagons” mean?

There are pentagon marks on the back of the maze puzzle. Take a peek inside each of them.

Pink Envelope

Combine the lines from the front and back. A 6-letter word will form.

There are 8 sheets of paper layered on top of each other. Try to figure out the order of the layers.

Read the letters on the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th sheets (from the top).

The letters actually spell numbers, reading from the bottom right and going upward.

Now try reading the letters in the designated spaces.

The topmost missing letter is “N.”

<FONT color=”red”>N</FONT>YLO<FONT color=”red”>N</FONT>

Try writing out each animal’s name and see if that helps.

The clue for l. is on the back of the card.

Draw a line through the red boxes exactly like the clue’s example, and a word will appear.

Just as the answer sheet says, draw a line between the answer pairs (g. & h. / i. & j. / k. & l.). Read the letters that the lines cross through from top to bottom and left to light (like reading a book), and you will get “READ SWAN.”

Somewhere else in your game contents, there is a matching grid with the same structure and corner marks.

There are swan symbols on the answer sheet.

Check the same spots as the swans on the matching grid that you found.

Locked Chest

Line up the words so that the boxes connected by an equal sign have the same letters.

Start by deciding the color of the very top box, then work your way down.

Cross out any letters that appear more than once across ALL the words.

Pick out the letters that match the colors of the boxes and rearrange them into a word.

If you read the answers from I-IV in order,  it says “read between the leaves.”

First, search for the leaves.

There are two leaf symbols on the “Story” sheet.

Try reading between them.

When you read between the leaves, you get instructions to “fill all (key symbols) with red.”

Find all the key symbols that match and color their spaces red.

Find all the blue/green lines that match the one on the PuzzKingdom sheet and cut along the lines.

You should end up with 8 pieces total.

There are both red and white squares on the eight pieces you cut out. Put them on top of the squares on the PuzzKingdom sheet, making sure to form solid lines of alternating colors.

If you put all the pieces in the right spots, you can find a new message.

Check that all the pieces are placed exactly right so that the shape matches, then read the spaces marked with a circle.

Reading the spaces marked with a circle gets you the message “make a (red star) and flip.”

Try to make a red star first!

Did you notice the marks on the back of the I-IV cards?

Combine the cards to make a red star.

Once you’ve made a red star, flip all the cards over together.

A message will appear in the center!

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