[PRIVATE] Escape from the Mysterious Room San Jose

You will actually be trapped in the room.

You awaken, and find yourself locked inside a room. It has a desk, chairs, a carpet — everything seems normal. But on closer inspection you find a series of mysterious codes… There are ten others in the room with you.

Will you be able to escape?

  1. This is a game event that requires you to use your detective’s mind and your powers of deduction to escape.
  2. Gather clues, find the codes, and solve the puzzles to find the way to escape.
  3. You will make a team with other players. Strategize and cooperate – more heads are definitely better than one.
  4. The amount of time you have to escape might be too short. However, failure to do so is nothing to be embarrassed about. Those mysteries are quite tough.
  5. Do not worry if you are unable to escape within the time limit. We will still allow you to leave, keeping you in the room against your will is breaking the law.
  6. Detective style clothes might help to sharpen your mind. Wear comfortable clothes but refrain from wearing heels.
  7. If you want training before the actual game, google “Escape Game”. There are many Escape games online that you can try.
  8. Please do not spoil the fun for other participants by telling them the answers to the puzzles. That is not cool.
  9. The prize is the priceless moment when you finally find the solution and everything falls into place. And you will be honored.


SCRAP Entertainment[PRIVATE] Escape from the Mysterious Room in San Jose