A Mystery of Magic Academy - Hint Page

It seems like Janitor does not know anything about puzzle solving!

You’re the only one who can decipher the mystery…!

If you are stuck at certain steps, check out the hints below to proceed!

Hint Page

STEP 1’s Hint

Yellow Triangle - Hint 1

The creature at (A) on the MAP is a LION.

The creature at (B) on the MAP is a FISH.

Yellow Triangle - Hint 2

The lion and the fish are holding onto different letters. If you read them from left to right, a word will appear!

Green Diamond - Hint 1

The creature at (C) on the MAP is GODZILLA.

The creature at (D) on the MAP is a DOG.

Green Diamond - Hint 2

There are four dogs and one Godzilla.

Step 1 - Answer

Reading both parts will get "SLEEPLESS".

STEP 2’s Hint

Q1 - Hint 1

The Mystery Mail Box in positions a and b, are Mail Box 25 and 6. Subtract b from a, and you will get the answer for Q1!

Q2 - Hint 1

These are the 2 shapes at the GOODS SHOP.

Q2 - Hint 2

Q3 - Hint 1

Pay attention to the position of the pointed dents in the letters. The positions or the number of the dents may be wrong!

Q3 - Hint 2

Are the letters O, S, and U the same?

Q4 - Hint 1

There are four sides to this pillar. Let's look around!

Q4 - Hint 2

The numbers Kumakey holding are: 6, 9 and 1.

Q5 - Hint 1

Look at the clue in the brochure to figure out the length of each line. A 2-digit number will appear!

Q5 - Hint 2

Q5 - Hint 3

The 2-digit number will look something like this:

Q6 - Hint 1

The sign for Q6 is this! Let's try adding the 3 numbers together.

Q7 - Hint 1

This is the image:

Squares - Hint 1

It will look like this once you fill the empty slots with the answer from Q1 - Q7!

Squares - Hint 2

The rules for filling in the empty boxes are: If you add all the numbers in a row, you will get 65. If you add all the numbers in a column, you will get 65 too! Try calculating the rest!

Squares - Hint 3

This is what it will look like after filling in all of the remaining empty slots with the rules:

Step 2 - Final Hint

By looking at both the numbers and the letters in the squares, you will get the sentence: THE UNLOCKING...

Step 2 - Answer


STEP 3’s Hint

Step 3 - Hint 1

Try to find 3 mandrakes! They are hidden among the information we have seen before.

Step 3 - Hint 2

They each seem to be pointing to a letter with their bigger leaves!

Step 3 - Answer


STEP 4’s Hint

Step 4 - Hint 1

We have seen a similar shaped box somewhere! Look at your clues from Step 2!

Step 4 - Answer


STEP 5’s Hint

Step 5 - Hint 1

We found 3 mandrakes in Step 3, and this Step 5 clue has one more. Let's look for the last one!

Step 5 - Hint 2

There was another mandrake on the raffle poster.

Step 5 - Hint 3

Remember you are students of the Magic Academy.

Have you used all of your spells recently?

Step 5 - Hint 4

By using the red color spell (Aka), you will be able to see a huge letter L that a mandrake is pointing to.

Step 5 - Hint 5

With all the mandrakes we've found, we now have letters: E, H, N, D, and L.

Step 5 - Answer


Final Step’s Hint

Final Step - Hint 1

Where is L? Let's look through all the information you have on you again!

Final Step - Hint 2

There seems to be an L on the map. Where is it located?

Step 5 - Answer


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