Escape from the Never-Ending Locks and Keys

In-Depth Explanation!

Let’s look at the solutions for all 60+ keys.

STEP1>>Find the 20 keys!

Number of keys: 20 (1-20) + 1 ★ key
First, you searched the entire room to uncover 20 numbered keys to open the 20 mini doors on the walls.
After putting together jigsaw pieces you collected from each mini door, you’ll get the numbers 5963 to open the ★ shelf.

STEP2>>Use the map as a clue to find the next 4 keys!

Number of keys: 4 ▲ keys
Here, you’ll get a map showing the general area where each key is hidden.
Search the areas shown in the map to uncover 4 keys to open the ▲ box.
These 4 keys were hidden in obscure spots like at the very back of a drawer. However, skilled searchers may have found them during STEP1 while searching for the 20 numbered keys even without the help of the map.

STEP3>>Use the 3 items to find the key!

Number of keys: 3 (A-C) + 3 ◯ keys
Here, you opened boxes A to C and obtained the items: A pump, a handle, and a number sequence.
Use those 3 items in the following ways to obtain 3 keys that will open the ◯ box.
-Pump: Use the pump to transfer water from the tank into the pipe next to it and the capsule with the key inside it will float to the top.

STEP4>>Use the 3 items to find the key! (Part 2)

Number of keys: 3 (D-F) + 3 ♠️ keys
Here, you opened boxes D to F and obtained the items: A measuring tape, a mirror rod, and tweezers.
Use those 3 items in the following ways to obtain 3 keys that will open the ♠️ box.
-Measuring tape: Use it to reach inside the pipe attached to the ceiling and remove the key.
-Mirror rod: Insert in inside the black box to reflect what’s written on the inner side and you’ll see the numbers “2021”
-Tweezers: Use it to reach inside the fan to grab the keys and get it out of the fan.

STEP5>>Use the black light to get the keys!

Number of keys: 1 (G) + 6 ■ keys
Here, you opened box G and obtained Black Light Flashlights.
Shine the black light into the key-shaped patterns on the walls. A maze will appear for each key pattern.
Solve each maze to get the 6 codes: 0125, 0617, 0830, 1126, 1224, 1103. Use these 6 codes to open the locks on the ■ drawer.

STEP6>>Use the silhouette clues to find the keys!

Number of keys: 6 ♦︎ keys
Here, you’ll get a sheet with 6 silhouette images on it.
Search the spots in the room that match the silhouette images as follows, and you’ll get the 6 keys to open the ♦︎ box.
– Foot silhouette: Check the sole of your slippers and you’ll find the code “0794”.
– Circle silhouette: One ball inside the ball pit opens up to reveal a key hidden inside.
– Ruler silhouette: Extend the measuring tape from earlier all the way and you’ll find the code “1867” at the very end.
– Ballpoint pen silhouette: Take apart the ballpoint pen and you’ll find the code “1192”.
– Face silhouette: One of the coins splits open to reveal the code “1600”.
-♣︎ silhouette: There is a piece of paper inside the keyhole on the lock with the code “1333”.

STEP7>>Use the switch to find the key!

Number of keys: 1 (H) + 1 ♡ key
Here, you will find a switch.
Turning the switch on will result in a sound that plays throughout the room.
Find the source of the sound and you will find that it’s coming from a spot inside the wall.
Look at that spot on the wall carefully and you’ll realize the wallpaper there can be removed. Peel off the wallpaper and obtain the key from inside the wall to open the ♡ box.

STEP8>>Use the switch to find the key! (Part 2)

Number of keys: 1 (I) + 1 ♣︎ key
Here, you’ll find yet another switch.
However, nothing happens when you turn this switch on.
Since the ON/OFF design of the switch matches the design of the room’s main light switch, you can deduce that it is some kind of electrical switch.
When the room’s lights are on, nothing seems to have changed. However, when you turn off the room’s light and flip the switch again in the dark, you’ll notice one spot on the wall emitting light.
When you inspect that spot that’s lit up, you’ll notice that the wallpaper there can be peeled off as well. The hidden hole in the wall has the key to open Lock ♣️.

STEP9>>Look for a special item that can open the lock!

Number of keys: 1 (Silver Lock)
An unfamiliar looking silver lock appeared when you removed the first lock of the final door.
However, it’s different from what a normal “key” can open. It looks like you need a special item that matches the shape of the lock to open it.
Upon inspecting the lock, you’ll realize that the ring attached to the lock is the exact same one that’s attached to the door handle of the first door you used to enter the room.
That’s right–The key to open this lock is the “door handle”.
If you had remembered the strange incident where the staff dropped the door handle when entering the room, you might have come to this idea fairly quickly.
Remove the door handle from the first door and stick it into the silver lock to open it.

LAST STEP>>Utilize all keys inside the room to escape!

Number of keys: 6 (Gold Lock. Quantity depends on no. of players.)
After removing the second lock from the final door, you were faced with yet another bunch of locks that were golden.
These are the final locks.
You’ll realize the answer if you noticed that the numbers written on these locks corresponded to the locker numbers you had put your belongings in. The same numbers can be found on your locker keys. Also, the important hint that you received at the beginning was “Use every single key inside this room to open the door.” Yes–the locker keys on your wrists also count as “keys inside this room”!
If you could realize this and used your locker keys to open the gold locks, the final door would open and you would have successfully escaped.


“We picked which lockers to use on our own, so how did the same numbered locks appear in the game?!”
To achieve this trick, the staff secretly and quietly relayed which lockers the players had used to the staff inside the room. They then quickly set up the locks with the corresponding numbers before the players entered the room!
Therefore, the number of locks that appear for the final step will change depending on how many players there are that session. (e.g. 6 players = 6 locks. 5 players = 5 locks.)
As you may have guessed, a total of 9 golden locks were produced to correspond to all 9 lockers outside.
All the golden locks, including the locker locks outside the room, were custom ordered for this trick.
Rumor has it that this trick alone cost several hundred thousand yen to make…

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