Add a Puzzle to your holiday season!

From now until December 31st, come celebrate the holiday season with SCRAP!

Whether you’re looking for a holiday experience or a fun gift to give, we’ve got you covered. For this holiday, SCRAP is bringing you gifts, games, and more!

1. Seasonal Merchandise

The gift giving season is just around the corner! Celebrate with a puzzle gift!

  1. Puzz Pack
    • Bringing back the Puzz Box from 2017 in a new and improved form! This game is a great take-home adventure for all puzzle lovers alike! Each Puzz Pack comes with a replay set so you can play 1 and gift the other!
  2. Puzz Card
    • The Puzz Card is a great addition to any gift! Tease their brain with a puzzle! In addition, you can purchase a real escape game gift voucher to go with the card.
  3. Puzz Mug
    • A great way to start conversations with strangers, and drink caffeine while you’re at it!
  4. Puzz Shirt
    • Rock out your closet with a Puzz Shirt and show off your love for puzzles!

Pre-sale has begun! Get your seasonal gifts now!

Get a pre-sale discount on the Puzz Pack until November 30th.

2. Gift Vouchers

Looking for a unique once in a lifetime adventure to gift to your friends? We have gift vouchers available for purchase online!

3. Holiday Edition Game
Escape from the Werewolf Village

The original Real Escape Game is coming to town with a holiday twist! This event is coming to San Francisco & San Jose as a room style game, with Event style private events available as well!

4. Find the PuzzKing!

Find him at our games at our Polk St. Location!

*Taking place from October 23rd – December 31st

If you’re able to find him, you’ll be able to draw from the Raffle of Rewards to win one of the many prizes!

5. Storefront Puzzle

Come by our storefront to test your wits and get 10% off of merchandise!

Available to everyone for free! Come by out storefront at 1812 Polk Street!

*Currently only the Puzz-Shirt is available. Please keep a look out in your emails for updates on our other Seasonal Merchandise!

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