Real Escape Games Wins 2024 Excellence Award from Japanese Government

Winner of Highly-Sought Award from Cool Japan Initiative for Multilingual Event

BY SCRAP Global Team

On February 2, we at SCRAP were elated to learn that we had been given a highly prestigious award by the Japanese government!

We are honored to be the Excellence Award Winner of 2024 of the Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform.

But you must be wondering what exactly is Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform?

The Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform (CJPF) is a program led by the Japanese government to help promote and support Japan’s cultural and creative industries. This program showcases the best of Japan’s culture, products, and services.

Many of the most popular and creative things from Japan have won awards from CJPF and are known all around the world. These are things like Japanese fashion, entertainment, music, food, traditional crafts, and more!

If you are interested in seeing the best of what Japan has to offer every year, check out this year’s award winners. *Website is in Japanese.

Why was Real Escape Game chosen out of more than a hundred applicants for this notable award?

“Real Escape Game”, first created in Japan and even boasting its popularity overseas, is truly an incredible experience. Another major reason for their selection is that they faithfully reproduce worldviews through active collaborations with Japanese IPs such as anime, movies, and games, creating experiences and events unique to Japan.

This is one of the comments from one of the CJPF Judges, we appreciate such generous words!

SCRAP’s Global Team was created to not only spread and introduce the Real Escape Game across the world, but also for those visiting or living in Japan as well!

We spend countless hours and hard work into localizing SCRAP’s many events so that it is understandable across cultures and as natural as possible.

We pay attention to not only the event experience, but the overall customer experience, starting from when someone first learns about Real Escape Game all the way until they leave the venue after the event.

As our team consists of non-Japanese members, we also understand those who want to experience true Japanese entertainment but are unable to do so due to the language barrier.

We are extremely appreciative of everyone’s support thus far and look forward to many new visitors to our events as we strive to continue to create interesting content that everyone can experience!

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