The SCRAP Games 2023 Recap: Dive Back into a Year of Excitement

Cozy up, and let’s reminisce together!

BY SCRAP Global Team

The cold weather settles in, and the cozy season unfolds. As the year approaches its end, we’re taking a moment to look back at all the English events that SCRAP released in 2023. Join us in recalling what made each game special! 

The year kicked off with an exciting release:

A Mystery at Magic Academy SHINJUKU

See Shinjuku like never before!
In this game you step into the shoes of a young apprentice wizard on their first day at Magic Academy Shinjuku. Mysterious events unfold as the cake for the grand celebration disappears! This light-hearted field-type event takes you outside the traditional Escape Room, letting you explore the city of Shinjuku while embarking on a magical puzzle journey.


In 2021, at the peak of the pandemic, a special online version of this game was available in English for anyone to play from home! This version featured a live remote guide that helped navigate players through the streets of Shinjuku.

*The current 2023 version has been updated and improved from the online version.

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An Invitation From The Mystery Man

Our second English release of 2023 pulls you into a story where you receive a mysterious invitation from “The Mystery Man”. You get the chance to solve the underlying mystery of Tokyo Mystery Circus while exploring each knook and cranny of Japan’s largest Escape Game Building.

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Real Escape Game x Dr. STONE “Escape from the Stone Cave!”

The puzzle-packed “Real Escape Game” and popular anime series “Dr. Stone” come together for this live interactive experience!
In this unique, one-of-a-kind game, you’ll partake in both puzzles and interactive scientific experiments.

Experience the power of science first hand through theorizing, creating, and experimenting!

*This limited time event was held in Tokyo and Nagoya, but is currently no longer available.

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The year continued with a bone-chilling game:

Escape from the Haunted Manor

The first collaboration between an Escape Game and a Haunted House made a comeback this year.
Delve into a haunting investigation as you step into the shoes of a detective trying to solve a series of mysterious disappearances in the town. As you enter a house, that seems to be closely linked to the case, it suddenly gets dangerous for you.
As you unravel the mystery, you’ll be drawn into a life-or-death game of hide and seek. A game truly immersive to its core!

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But 2023 had not one but two horror games for you!

SADAKO and the Cursed Video

It is said that Death comes to those who watch it. It appears that Sadako’s “cursed video” exists in real life. In this game, you need to summon all the courage you have and investigate the house for a way to evade death. One of our scariest games and a collaboration with the famous horror-icon “Sadako”! When you enter the scarily realistic set, you truly feel like the protagonist of a horror movie.

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In July, another spectacular game entered the Tokyo Mystery Circus:

The Magical Cauldron: The Culinary Academy’s Final Exam

In this story, you find yourself at the Culinary Academy’s Final Exam—the pivotal moment determining if you can fulfill your dream of becoming a magical chef. However, on exam day, you accidentally step on a flower that erases your memory. 

Successfully navigate through the exam using only your notes and puzzle-solving skills, all while working collaboratively as a team! In this game good communication truly is the key to success. 

It’s also a one-of-a-kind experience with its use of the newest projection-mapping technology!

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In August, two English games came to our Shimokitazawa store for the first time. One of them is: 

Escape from the Never-Ending Locks and Keys

Locked in a room with seemingly endless locks and keys, you need to find the final key to escape in just 30 minutes! Beware, with more than 60 keys and locks it’s quite the challenge!

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And the second one is: 

Escape from the Small Wonder Room

Solve the mystery of an enigmatic room that appeared on the first floor of our Shimokitazawa store in just 10 minutes! Perfect for a fast-paced action during your stroll through Shimokitazawa.

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The year ended with a bang – the new addition to the 9rooms series: 

Escape from the Witch’s House in the Woods

As an apprentice wizard lost in the woods, navigate through a wicked witch’s house. Can you make it out unharmed? This is the third installment of the popular NINE Rooms Series, where you solve puzzles through 9 distinct rooms to escape! Perfect for those who crave a challenging and fast paced escape experience. 

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Whew, what a year!

Reflecting on this journey, we hope you had as great a year with SCRAP’s Games as we had bringing them to you! What game was your favorite?
Let us know on our Social Media Channels!
And look forward to what we have for you in 2024! 

For those who haven’t had the chance to play these games, they are still available and ready for you, so get yourself some tickets! 

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