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For our post this month, let’s go on a journey exploring the second biggest city in Japan, in SCRAP style of course!

Contrary to what many people think, the most populated city in Japan after Tokyo, is not Osaka, but Yokohama. Located just one hour away from Tokyo by train, this city is rich with history and has a unique food scene that is a popular dating spot for many couples due to its elegant appearance and gorgeous seaside park.

Many domestic and international tourists of Japan, choose to visit this city to indulge in the many food stalls of its colorful Chinatown and walk on the streets with a panoramic view of the bay.

Yokohama Chinatown

But visiting such a big city could be overwhelming for first-timers, while seasoned visitors might miss the excitement of discovery.

SCRAP has the perfect solution for both types of visitors! In September 2022, we released a new game titled “横浜謎解き街歩き – Yokohama Puzzle Hunt”* and it takes you to the most interesting spots of Yokohama. 

This game format is directly translated to what we call “Puzzle Hunt”*, where players can explore popular spots and hidden gems of a specific location. All while having fun following a story and solving clever puzzles.

The Yokohama game is the latest addition to this format that quickly became a fan favorite for its combination of puzzles and exploration elements. With this game, players are not trapped inside a room trying to escape but are actively moving around. They can look for clues on famous landmarks, stop at hidden locations, and solve mysteries at their own pace and timing.

Our SCRAP Global Team tested this game before the game’s release date and the team was impressed by the quality of the puzzles and the chosen locations. The care and hard work put into this project were clearly visible and we were so excited to learn more about Yokohama and challenge ourselves with the numerous puzzles. We were also looking forward to trying all the recommended food!

One of the Yokohama Puzzle Hunt Locations

The game’s goal is to have players explore the city as much as they like. Inside the game kits, in addition to the puzzles and the story, there is a city guide with many interesting facts and tour recommendations.
One aspect that our team enjoyed was that the game allows taking different routes (with different puzzles!) so that everyone could choose to visit the most interesting locations to them: from Japanese history to architecture, to Chinese culture in Japan, there is something to look forward to for everyone.

We played at lunchtime, and the food stalls were filled with inviting Chinese food that was too tempting to resist, so we took the food course. After sampling lots of delicious Chinese goodies we were grateful for the amount of walking the game had us do. Even if the final location was challenging to reach, it was completely worth it and the sense of reward was incredible. 

The game kit made a big impression on us as well, hiding more surprises than expected. Even as seasoned SCRAP players, it was unpredictable and fresh on multiple occasions. 

If you happen to be stuck during the game, there is a chat on the messaging application LINE where you can ask for hints. This chat is given in the game kit to solve the puzzles and it will guide players to their next location. Through the chat, you will receive additional information about the location you are visiting and helpful tips that won’t spoil the game.

This game is a great chance to explore Yokohama and solve satisfying puzzles along the way.

For now, it is only available in Japanese, but if you are planning to visit Japan and have a conversational level of Japanese, consider stopping at Yokohama and try this game to experience the city like never before!

Yokohama Puzzle Hunt Booklet

Game Details

Game Title: 横浜謎解き街歩き – Yokohama Puzzle Hunt*

Time Limit: None

Language: Japanese

Estimated Required Time: 3 to 4 hours

Participants Limit: None

A smartphone with LINE chat is necessary to play the game.

Visit the official website to learn more about this game: Official Webpage



SCRAP Global Team would like to thank Rachel for providing us with pictures from the game.

*Please note that these titles in English are not official as there are no English versions of these games.

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