BY SCRAP Global Team

Hello, Escape Room enthusiasts and curious people! 

We are the Global Team of SCRAP, a Japanese live entertainment company and creator of the Real Escape Game brand. We are writing this first Blog post directly from our headquarters in Tokyo, Japan! We want to connect with people from all over the world that share the same passion for being locked inside bizarre rooms by our own will!

We decided to start a Blog so we can give everyone an insider perspective in English about what it’s like working for a company that produces an insane amount of content (our average is between 100~150 projects EVERY YEAR!).

In fact, SCRAP is able to create puzzles really everywhere: in Japan, people can enjoy our creations not only inside a room but also in amusement parks, or they can measure their brainpower in the “Puzzle-Solving Ability Test” that we hold every year, or they can satisfy their cravings for sweets and mysteries when we collaborate with candy companies. 

But most of these experiences never cross the ocean, and that is why we decided to share them with you via this Blog! We, of the Global Team, have the opportunity of witnessing the very interesting (and intense!) process of bringing so many games into reality. We believe it could be very fascinating for our oversea audience to have a sneak peek behind the curtains of this unique industry.

Also, we want to share the localization journey of our puzzle games: the process of translating and adapting riddles in a different language. It can be very tricky, but also quite fascinating!  We hope to provide a good insight into it.

You will also be introduced to our Global Team Members, where everyone comes from different countries and where geographically distant cultures meet daily. Sometimes it causes amusing misunderstandings, other times coming up with innovative ideas, and a lot of times sharing snack recommendations.

So, we hope you will follow us on our journey to creating amazing experiences for Room Escape Enthusiasts all around the world!

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