Escape from AT&T Park Practice Puzzles

Can you solve it? Challenge your friends!

Puzzle 1

What are the names of the shapes?

The numbers in the shapes are the letters you should read from the shapes!


Puzzle 2

What is the first thing you learned in school?

It’s a 4 letter word!

2/26 is B


Puzzle 3

The answer will be a four letter word!

How would you move “E” forward one?

Moving “E” forward one would make it “F”


Puzzle 4

Note: The 1 is Red, the 3 is blue, the 5 is green.

Focus on the colors of the numbers.

The red 1 is an R


Puzzle 5

Turn your head!


Puzzle 6

Imagine the numbers on a scoreboard… what’s missing?

All the lines there would make an 8. What’s missing?


Puzzle 7

There is a specific pattern that these letters are organized in!

The pattern is top to bottom. What was the first thing you ever learned in school?


Be sure to check back often to find more practice puzzles!

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