Escape from AT&T Park Hints

Puzzle a

2 3 1 = what do you use to listen?

Puzzle b

The beginning of THIRD BASE is T

Puzzle c

Look for the logos around AT&T Park!

Puzzle d

The last part is an R. How would you get an R out of the last part?

Puzzle e

Add the lines from e1 and e2 together.

Puzzle f

What letter is surrounded by single lines?

Puzzle g

The completed shape is a square with an X in it. Read the lines that are missing.

Puzzle h

Group 1’s letters and group 2’s letters have one major difference between them. First, find what that difference is! (Don’t let this one throw you for a curve…)

Group 1: Letters consisting of only straight lines
Group 2: Letters consisting of curves.

Now, fill in the empty spots in alphabetical order!

Puzzle i

Try writing the sentence out.  Read the word between (fill in the animal name here)

Puzzle for Goal 1

Did you find the names?  Try looking up at the screen!

A hint to figure out the order: the answer starts with T

Puzzle VI

Looks like h e a d are in a different font. Have you seen those letters anywhere else?

Try looking at the puzzles from Step 1!

Puzzle VII

Have you seen this animal anywhere?

Solving Puzzle VI and VII

You may have to return to the field in order to solve these puzzles!

Puzzle VIII

You can’t just look at your map – be sure to look up!

The 7 highest stars will give you the answer.

You’re on your final step!
Solve this puzzle and you’ll be able to Escape from AT&T Park!

If you got this far, you can do it! You’re almost there!
Good Luck!

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