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Escape from the Lockdown: The Strange Village

Unique Game Designed for Online Play

Brand new Real Escape Game format!
Play anytime with unlimited game time, solo or in a group!

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Escape from the Science Lab of Shifting Rules (Remote Version)

Live Interactive Online Escape Room

Alter the [Rules] and Save the [World]!
Interact with the story’s character in live real time and help them escape!

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Escape from the Lockdown: The Demon Fortress

The 2nd volume of the Lockdown series!

Team up with the 9 heroes as the ‘Puzzle Solving Hero’
and solve the mysteries of the Demon Fortress!

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A Mystery at Magic Academy SHINJUKU(Online Live City Hunt Puzzle)

Discover Japan like no other tour guide experience!

Navigate the streets of Kabukicho and find some puzzles along the way!

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*operated from Japan by the original Real Escape Game company, SCRAP Inc.

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