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You can be engrossed in a book, wrapped up in a show, or absorbed in a game. Some of you may even be writers, creators of your own stories. But regardless the medium, no matter how engaged you are, you still are not physically part of the story….. Until now.

REAL ESCAPE GAME™ is an immersive, live puzzle game in which teams find clues and solve mysteries within a time limit. Some games require you to escape from a locked room, while others challenge you to reach the ending of a story that unfolds around you. Become a detective to identify the culprit of a crime, or face off against a mastermind who has placed a bomb on your wrist and locked you inside a room full of riddles – YOU choose what kind of hero you want to be! Work together with your teammates; communicate, strategize, and emerge victorious!

Real Escape Games do not require any special skills or prior experience. Each game is designed to be playable by anybody who is up to the challenge. Come try one for yourself and see what it feels like to ARRIVE A PLAYER, LEAVE A HERO.

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