Real Time Loop Game:
The Pop Star’s Room of Doom

Kotaro Uchikoshi’s Profile
Scenario Writer for The Pop Star’s Room of Doom
Spike Chunsoft Co. Ltd Scenario Writer

Major Works:
Zero Escape – Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (Nintendo DS)(2009): Director/Scenario
Zero Escape – Virtues Last Rewards (Nintendo 3DS/PlayStation Vita)(2012): Director/Scenario
Zero Escape – Zero Time Dilemma (Nintendo 3DS/PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4/Microsoft Windows)(2016): Director/Scenario
Punchline (TV Anime)(2015): Scenario Writer


Comment from Kotaro Uchikoshi

Morning comes, noon comes, then afternoon passes, and it becomes night… all because the earth rotates on its axis. Spring comes, summer comes, autumn passes, and winter arrives… all because the earth rotates around the sun. This sun rotates around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, spinning, and spinning, and spinning…

If you think about it, DNA is spinning, and electricity is spinning as well. Wouldn’t it be possible that even time itself is spinning? Maybe our lives – and the history of this world – is something that continues to loop over and over again.

That isn’t to say life is futile. Just like how yesterday and today are different, and this year and next year are different, there’s a chance that each loop is completely different from one another. But, that’s only if one takes action.

This game is the same. You and your teammates have the choice to not do anything, but history will keep repeating itself. History will only change as long as you take action. This may result in a different tragedy, but in that moment you may be able to discover a clue that you would otherwise never have stumbled upon.

In my image, everyone will collaborate as they progress deeper into the “time dungeon.” At first you can only reach the first level, but as you repeat loops, you slowly but surely get closer to the true “depth of time.” This game provides a different style of intellectual stimulation from the typical Real Escape Game.

This event came to life when Takao Kato (CEO, SCRAP Japan) exclaimed, “I want to make a time loop game!” and reached out to me. The main shape of the game was planned by Takao, and I assisted in solidifying the timeline (within the loops). The final polish was done by the elite team at SCRAP, so the quality is guaranteed!

I had always wished for this game to be brought to the US, so it’s great to see that it’s finally happening! Concerns about the cultural differences between Japan and the US were voiced, but I was confident since this game’s experience is universal, the fun will translate into any language! Everyone in the world will enjoy this game.

Please play the game to see if my words are true! I’m looking forward to “The Pop Star’s Room of Doom” bringing you a new kind of excitement you’ve never experienced before.

-Kotaro Uchikoshi (Spike Chunsoft Co. Ltd)

Real Time Loop Game

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