Goods オリジナルグッズ

About Merchandise
These merchandise will be extremely limited in quantity, and only available to those attending JOJO'S Bizarre Escape: The Hotel. Merchandise for each timeslot will be first come first serve.
Per person limitations may apply to certain items. Quantity will be limited per game. You will only be able to purchase merchandise right before or right after your event period.

  • Temporary Tattoos
    3.9in x 5.8in

    $5 (Tax Included)

    Fancy tattoos designed in the unique JOJO style!

  • T-shirt
    S, M, L, XL, XXL

    $30 (Tax included)

    "JOJO'S Bizarre Escape: The Hotel" original design t-shirts! Perfect for the hot summer days.

  • Iggy Ears Headband
    Free Size

    $20 (Tax Included)

    Iggy's ears appear in headband form! You can feel like you're Iggy with these on!

  • Hotel Haboob Key Chain
    Roughly 3.9 Inches

    $15 (Tax Included)

    A (Japanese) keychain designed originally for this game! With this, you can always feel like you're at Hotel Haboob.

  • JOJO's Bizarre Escape Poster
    17in x 11in

    $10 (Tax Included)

    Exclusive "JOJO's Bizarre Escape: The Hotel" poster to take home!