Real Escape Game x JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: "JOJO's Bizarre Escape: The Hotel"

Use your Stand, defeat the mastermind!

Real Escape Game x JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: "JOJO's Bizarre Escape: The Hotel"


In order to defeat their arch nemesis DIO, Jotaro and the team travel to Egypt.
During their stay at a hotel, they suddenly hear a mysterious voice.

“Hello... Have you decided on how you’re going to spend your last hour alive?”

The voice continues as Jotaro’s group prepares for battle.

“If you don’t escape this hotel within 1 hour… you will all vanish into thin air!”

“Are you one of DIO’s minions?! Show yourself!”
The walls suddenly start moving, and the hotel transforms into a complex maze.
A swift punch strikes the wall, but not even a scratch was left.

“Good grief...”
“Looks like we’re trapped.”

“You have exactly one hour until your check out… from life, that is! Hahahaha!”

The voice fades out.

“A Stand that takes no damage.... Then there’s only one thing we can do.”
“Find the culprit within 1 hour and beat him… right?”
5 people and 1 dog are trapped with a 1 hour time limit.
Will they be able to solve the mystery behind the enemy’s stand and escape from this labyrinth?

How to Play

1.Team of 6! Work together with you team and escape from the labyrinth! *Solo players welcome!
2.Use your Stands! Each of you will master your Stands and discover the secret behind the enemy’s power!
3.Time limit: 60 minutes 60 minutes to change your fate! Will you survive?
This is an event in which you must become a Stand user and solve puzzles in order to escape from the hotel which has turned into a labyrinth.


About Real Escape Game

REAL ESCAPE GAME™ is an immersive, live puzzle game in which teams find clues and solve mysteries within a time limit. Some games require you to escape from a locked room, while others challenge you to reach the ending of a story that unfolds around you. Become a detective to identify the culprit of a crime, or face off against a mastermind who has placed a bomb on your wrist and locked you inside a room full of riddles – YOU choose what kind of hero you want to be! Work together with your teammates; communicate, strategize, and emerge victorious!
Real Escape Games do not require any special skills or prior experience. Each game is designed to be playable by anybody who is up to the challenge. Come try one for yourself and see what it feels like to ARRIVE A PLAYER, LEAVE A HERO.



JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, the hit Shonen Jump series created by the legendary auteur, Hirohiko Araki, is a multi-generational adventure kicked off by dark and mysterious events that occur once a young Dio Brando is adopted into the prestigious Joestar clan. Published by VIZ Media in North America, the series can be enjoyed through the original manga, available in stunning hardcover volumes, and equally artistic Blu-ray and DVD releases in stores nationwide. Uniquely over-the-top, JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE is inspired by avant garde art, fashion, superhuman posing and epic wordplay. New episodes air each week on Adult Swim's popular Toonami block, delighting hundreds of thousands of viewers who know there's nothing quite like it!


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